Learn a language, enrich your vocabulary of fashion and practice your knowledge abroad for fashion professionals

Opt for a higher international course of 4 to 9 months (gap year possible)

Student in gap year or young professional you want to invest fully in an international program to access a position of responsibility of the fashion industry, we offer the Elite Program.

Theoretical and operational objectives are:

  • To know how to talk about fashion .
  • Acquire the specific vocabulary of fashion. – Master the knowledge of international fashion brands.
  • Discover an international company and apply its language skills (optional )

1. Elite Program – English of Fashion (or others languages), fashion certificate and internship in a fashion company (option) abroad

This annual program takes place in total immersion abroad (destination to choose) in 3 steps:


– Knowledge Training in FASHION

Practical internship in company (optional)

English of fashion study ( or others languages)- from 4 to 8 weeks – learn more

  • INTENSIVE 20 classes in the morning in international school downtown with private lessons in the afternoon in English Wine (3 hours / week) at the teacher’s. Goal to get you from 1 (4 weeks) to 2 levels (8 weeks) to reach the professional leve

For those who have already reached this level, the duration of English lessons can be reduced to 2 weeks.

Passing the BULATS (Business Language Testing Service) for those who choose England

Fashion Certificate level 3 ( in english) – 1 month – learn more

Level 2 becomes the minimum and the 3 will allow you to differentiate yourself in your future career.

This training provides in-depth knowledge about fashion. A minimum level of preliminary knowledge is required to participate.

Our partner companies only accept wset level3.

Optional: An internship in a fashion company- From 3 to 6 months – learn more

We offer an optional internship / contract placement in foreign companies partners of the fashion industry for periods of 3 to 6 months in various fields of  tourism , sales to the individual and professional (wholesaler, store), import (importer), product marketing (supplier), …

The program according to the subject takes place with 3 phases:

  • Discovery of the company’s environment, its products and its customers
  • Linguistic focus and product –
  • Accompaniment of the training supervisor in the field with practical cases – focus on the problematic defined in the thesis – Writing a thesis in English

As part of the internship no remuneration or gratuity is automatically allocated depending on the countries of destination (contact us). However for qualified trainees it is common to obtain the gratuities covering the totality of the expenses of life in the country.

Foreign companies likely to welcome you on an internship remain the only decision makers of the levels of gratification and the admissibility of your application without any commitment on our part.

For a program the impossibility of placement in internship in company does not worth modification or cancellation of the whole program and only the refund of the expenses of placement in internship in company will be carried out.

2. Selection of applications

A selection on presentation of a commercial fashion training (minimum BTS).

3. Fees

From 1990 € to 4990 € for a period of 6 months (depending on the destination and duration of language training).

The bonus or remuneration usually covers the cost of accommodation and food

4. Dates

You can join this program at any time of the year (Monday).

5. Multi-certification training

This program is intended to make you operational for a company recruiting an executive with an international dimension speaking a professional English/Spanish/Chines/French perfectly knowing the fashion of the worlds and having experience in a foreign company (optional).

At the end of the course you will obtain several certificates valuing your CV, Business English (BULATS), knowledge in fashion and a letter of recommendation from the company (optional).

Our language holidays do not open the right to student status and may, depending on the case, be part of professional training.

6. Destinations

The Elite Fashion 2 and 3 programs, which are identical in all the schools, also adapt to the specificities of the country, particularly in terms of content of business experiences and fashion.

An interview with the candidate will guide you to the most appropriate destination for your career plan.

Anglais en Australie

Australie - Adelaide

Immersion Business Fashion en Barossa ,Clare valley, et Adelaide Hills.

Anglais en Nouvelle Zélande

Nouvelle-Zélande Auckland

Immersion Business Fashion en région d’Auckland

Examples of our last promotion

Graduate students (Gap Year) or young professionals around the world live a unique immersion experience tailored to their personal and professional projects.

Clément T. (March - 6 months-, South Africa, English Fashion Trade - Importer)

Clement from luxury L’Oréal as an engineer and integrating a famous fashion business school (M1)

Fashion English : 4 weeks of courses in Cape Town with our private teacher Lucie (Consultant in Fashion).

Internship at a fashion importer in the Cape region: Clément’s goal is to boost sales of fashion to high-end customers (celebrities, politicians …) who belong to a club.

Aurélia L. (January - 9 months-, South Australia, English Fashion, WSFashion Certificate and Fashion Tourism)

Aurélia from Sancerroise region after brilliant studies in MBA Fashion Business in Bordeaux wanted to leave for 1 year in Australia to discover new horizons.

Fashion English : 4 weeks of classes at an international school as well as with our private teacher Lucas. Aurélia wanted a focus related to fashion tourism.

Certificate 2: 4 Saturdays let him know about the world’s fashion and get the certificate.

Internship in an Australian Manufactory (6 months): Aurélia animated the sales , guided the visitors in the manufactory, created communication campaigns, met the professional buyers …

3 buddies of TBS bachelor Fashion trade (October 2018 - 9 months-, South Africa, English Fashion

Integrate our elite Fashion Level 2 program with colleagues it’s possible!
Indeed, 3 buddies join our Elite Program in Cape Town.
These former students of TBS bachelor Fashion came in May to see us saying we want to travel for 2 years to better master the wine to create together on their return a fashion distribution company.
We have integrated them into our Elite program in South Africa for a period of 9 months where they will study English Fashion for 8 weeks in downtown Cape Town, pass the Fashion level 3 certificate and integrate 3 South African fashion production companies for 6 months with very different and complementary missions related to the entrepreneurship project.
The next step will be American …… To follow!

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