Learn the vocabulary of fashion abroad in a fashion school

Go to the Fashion training schools around the globe and come back as a graduate


Many specialties are taught. Select the one that suits you with fashion priority (requesting a low time investment) with local languages ( English, Spanish, Chinese or French)

  • Fashion Certificate:  This certificate is one of the most-taught and recognized courses in the world and requires between one day and several weeks of training.
Fashion Certificate Level 1: For FASHION LOVERS (English, Spanish, Chinese or French language)

It is a day of introduction to Fashion. The target audience is individuals wishing to learn the fashion or professionals beginning in the fashion sector (fashion tourism, administration, catering, fashion merchant, etc.)

  • Duration: 1 day
  • Exam: 30 questions in 45 min
  • Certificate:  Level 1 in Fashion Certificate


Fashion level 2: SEMI PROFESSIONAL (English, Spanish, Chinese or French language)

This 3/4 days training offers a detailed presentation of fashion. It makes it possible to approach the main producing countries of Europe as of the New World and to apprehend the tasting by following a professional analysis.

  • Duration: 3/4 days
  • Exam: 50 questions in 1 h
  • Certificate: Level 2 in Fashion Certificate
Fashion level 3: PROFESSIONAL (English, Spanish, Chinese or French language)

This 5/6 days training provides in-depth knowledge of the world’s fashion producing regions. A minimum level of preliminary knowledge is required to participate.

    • Duration: 6 days
    • Certificate: Level 3 in Fashion Certificate



  • Fashion certificate 400 to 995 E depending on the level, the country and the exchange rate with for example to date

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